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Create a variety of email signature templates with HTML images and text. No HTML knowledge needed.

Signatures are merged with field data pulled from your Office 365 Directory.

Turn a corporate email into a low-cost, high-volume marketing tool.

High quality signatures on all emails sent from desktop and mobile devices.

Simply update every signature with a single click.

Add dynamic content on signatures, such as social media icons, promotional banners, logos and more.

Manage everyone's signatures from a central hub.

Capture data on signature clicks and feed them to analytics or marketing automation software.

Create your Office 365 Exclaimer Cloud email signature

Auto-filled contact details

Every user's email signature is automatically populated with up-to-date contact details taken from your Office 365 Directory.

Consistent branding

Consistent branding reflects positively on your organization, making you look more professional.

Social media

Linking to your social media pages in email signatures is a great way to attract new followers for free.

Promotional banners

These can be used for a variety of marketing purposes such as promoting a special offer or showcasing an event.

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Why switch to Exclaimer Cloud for your email signatures

With Exclaimer Cloud Your current email sigantures
Include Office 365 Directory details
Drag-and-drop HTML signature editor
HTML signatures on mobiles & Macs
See signatures while composing an email in Outlook
Apply signature based on time and date
Assign signatures by group without additional rules
Add a signature under the most recent reply
Hide contact sections with blank attributes
Preview signature while editing
Add a user photo to the signature
See signatures in Sent Items folder
Embed HTML images directly into templates

Frequently asked questions

Do I need any HTML knowledge to create an email signature?

Exclaimer Cloud is a fundamentally different email signature management solution to any other on the market, be they cloud-based or on-premises. You design signatures using the world’s only Office 365 drag-and-drop signature editor. It is intuitively built and easy-to-use, you can either choose a pre-built signature template from the template library, or build your own signature from scratch, just by dragging elements onto a template. You don’t need to have ANY experience using HTML or have any specialist design skills.

Can Exclaimer Cloud provide many different email signatures?

Yes, you can deploy as many email signatures as you want. For example, you could have specific language versions for users in different countries, signatures for different departments, ones with specific marketing content, a smaller reply signature etc.

Will users be able to see their email signatures?

Yes, depending on your setup options. Exclaimer Cloud has three setup options; server-side only, client-side only, or server-side and client side.

The server-side setup means signatures are applied after an email is sent; your users will not be able to see the signature when they are composing an email but it will show in their Sent Items folder. With the client-side setup, users will be able to see and choose a signature in Outlook (Windows & desktop only) while composing an email.

Does Exclaimer Cloud work on mobiles?

Yes, Exclaimer Cloud guarantees that all mobile devices that send email via Office 365 will have the same high-quality email signatures as desktop users. Users don’t need to login to applications like OWA, Outlook for iOS or Outlook for Android either to get signatures added to their emails.

Does Exclaimer Cloud work on Macs?

Yes, Exclaimer Cloud works on Macs in the same way as all other devices. Office 365 does not support Mac Mail, but with Exclaimer Cloud, all Mac emails will have a signature added.

How much does Exclaimer Cloud cost?

You pay on a per user per month basis, so you only pay for the amount of active mail users you need.

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